About Us

  China Nerin Engineering Co., Ltd. (China Nerin) is an international engineering company restructured from Nanchang Engineering and Research Institute of Nonferrous Metals and jointly funded by China Nonferrous Metal Industry’s Foreign Engineering and Construction Co., Ltd. (NFC), Jiangxi Copper Corporation (JCC), and Sinosteel Corporation Limited, as well as the key management and technical personnel of Nanchang Engineering and Research Institute of Nonferrous Metals.

  China Nerin has fully carried forward the qualifications, businesses, human resources and technical resources of Nanchang Engineering and Research Institute, and now has 26 class-A qualifications in metallurgy, chemical, municipal, building, urban and rural planning, engineering consultancy, engineering survey, project contracting, construction supervision, etc.; 38 engineering disciplines; quality, environment and occupational health and safety management system certifications; project management information system, 3D engineering design and other advanced management and design tools for an international engineering company; and branches in Shenzhen, Hangzhou, Ningbo, Chongqing, Fuzhou, etc. in China, and other countries such as Chile.

  China Nerin has a high-quality innovative talent team with 1209 staff members, including 1 Academician of China Academy of Engineering, 3 national design masters, 9 national nonferrous engineering design masters, 133 professor level senior engineers, 280 senior engineers, 12 experts who enjoy government subsidies, and 386 national certified engineers in all disciplines.

  With 60 years of development, China Nerin has completed more than 4000 projects home and abroad and almost 400 scientific research subjects; won 530 national, provincial and ministerial awards including top prizes of National Science and Technology Progress Awards and gold medals of National Excellent Engineering Designs; owned 348 patents and proprietary technologies; acted as the editor-in-chief for 72 national standards and industrial codes including the “Construction Standards of Copper Smelters” and the “Construction Standards of Tungsten Mines”; established 1 national engineering technology center and 2 provincial engineering technology centers in metallurgy; accumulated rich experiences and scientific research achievements in metallurgy, mining, municipal, environmental protection, civil construction and other industries; developed a set of advantage technologies and innovative technologies with independent intellectual property rights. In fields of copper smelting, mining and environmental protection, China Nerin has successfully applied advanced and leading technologies in projects home and abroad, including but not limited to flash copper smelting, copper electrolysis, computer on-line control for flash furnace, casting wheel, interlocking copper electrolytic unit, sulphuric acid making from offgas, autogenous grinding for mineral processing, hydrometallurgy, municipal and industrial wastewater treatment, and solid waste treatment.

  Through continuous innovation and value-added services, China Nerin has always been trusted by customers and respected by partners and has spread businesses over 50 countries, including Australia, Canada, Germany, Russia, Turkey, Brazil, Chile, Mexico, Egypt, South Africa, Algeria, Democratic Republic of Congo, Nigeria, Iran, Zambia, Republic of Korea, Kyrgyzstan, Kazakhstan, Cameroon, Mongolia, Laos, etc., becoming one of the well-known brands among China metallurgical engineering companies that have gone out. China Nerin has carried out a wide range of technical cooperation and exchanges and thus established long-term friendly cooperation relationships with many famous international companies.

  China Nerin continues to follow the values of "profession, reputation, innovation, cooperation" and hold the tenets of "building success for the clients and staff", devoting itself to the success of the clients as a trustable technology service provider, a harmonious enterprise, and an international engineering company with independent intellectual property rights and core competitiveness.


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